Dining Room


*We apologize that we are currently unable to provide dinner.


Antipasto with cream cheese spread on sliced toasted baguette...$4.25
Mixed green salad from our garden served with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing and garnished with raspberries and sweet onion...$4.00
Brie and maple served with fruit and crackers...$4.25

Main Course

Chicken: boneless, skinless chicken breast in a herbed wine sauce...$15.00
Salmon: maple roast Atlantic salmon filet seasoned with ginger, soy and sesame seeds and drizzled with maple syrup...$16.50
Haddock: sauteed in butter and served with dill sour cream...$15.25
Scallops: seared in butter and seasonings...$17.00
Each entree is served with fresh local garden vegetables including potatoes.


Lemon cake pudding with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce...$4.00
Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce...$4.00
Orange cake drizzled with orange sauce and served with vanilla ice cream...$4.00
Cherries jubilee a mixture of cherries, raspberries, and blackberries simmered in a brandy sauce over vanilla ice cream...$4.25


Coffee regular or decaffeinated ...$1.30
Tea orange pekoe, Earle gray or herbal...$1.30
Milk 2%...$1.50